Australia’s New Payment Platform is coming to Coastline 

An exciting New Payment Platform (NPP) is coming to Australia. This industry-wide initiative is going to provide a new, faster way for Australian consumers, businesses and government to send and receive money.

Key Benefits


Pay anyone in real-time, with funds available instantly.


Send and receive payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You no longer need to worry about business hours or weekends slowing your transfers.


Forget BSB and Account numbers, the NPP will allow you to send money to people using a simple identifier known as a PayID. Your PayID can be your mobile phone number, email address or an ABN if you’re a business.


NPP has been designed to meet all security demands that apply to Financial Institutions. Your real-time payment will be delivered securely with a complete audit trail. When using PayID you will know exactly who you are sending your money to by validating their name against their registered PayID before you send money.

More Data

Send more detailed descriptions and remittance information with your payments, so your payee knows exactly what the money is for.

The NPP will also allow real-time processing for payments like wages, bill payments and transfers to friends and family.

What is Osko?

Osko® is the name of the first overlaying service that will run on NPP. Owned by BPAY, Osko is the service which will facilitate these real-time payments. It provides a new way to pay using your Coastline MyCoast App that’s as fast as cash – without the hassle of cash.
Whether you’re paying a tradie, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent – you will be able to use MyCoast app for instant transfers, 24/7.

How will it work? 

1. Register for Internet Banking.

To use Osko you’ll need to be registered for internet banking.

Not registered? We can help. Visit your local branch or call us on 1300 36 1066 and we can set you up.  

2. Update your details.

Ensure your mobile number and email address are up to date, ready for launch.

To update your contact details, please Contact Us or do it yourself.

Login to Internet Banking, click "Settings" > then click "Contact Details" 

3. Create your PayID. 

When the time comes and Osko becomes available (later this year), Coastline will invite you to register your PayID. This is created when customers link their chosen bank account details to their identifiers such as: Mobile phone number, Email address, or Business ABN number. A PayID is a safe, simpler, easier and smarter way to identify your account. 

We anticipate Osko and PayID to go live early 2018. Your Coastline team will keep you informed.

Want to learn more about Osko, NPP and PayID?

To learn more about Osko®? - visit

To learn more about the NPP – visit  

To learn more about PayID – visit


Is the NPP safe?

Yes. Coastline takes security very seriously. Payments made through the NPP will enjoy the same high levels of security which Coastline is renowned for. Some of the protections in place include:

  • Factor 2 Authentication - a two-step authentication process which adds another layer of security to your transactions. A unique code will be sent to your phone, or can be read from a VIP token, then entered into the relevant space where requested.
  • 24/7 Fraud Monitoring - Coastline will ensure that all NPP transactions are monitored 24/7. You will be contacted if we suspect you have been the victim of fraud.

How do I know if I have sent my money to the right person?

NPP payee-validation functionality will allow you to see the short-name information of the person or business you’re intending to send money to, so you know your payments are going where they should.

Can someone else register my details (mobile/email) as their PayID?

Only the owner of the device can register it as a PayID, as it will require Authentication in the form of a code sent to the phone number or email address provided to complete the registration.

What if I accidentally send money to the wrong person?

There are processes/procedures in place to deal with “Mistaken Payments”, if you have made a mistaken payment you need to call Coastline immediately so we can attempt to recover the funds for you.

Can someone else use my PayID to commit fraud?

No, as a PayID is only used to receive funds, not send them.



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